Better Hearing With Bluetooth Hearing Aids

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Bluetooth Hearing AidUsing a Bluetooth Hearing Aid is now a common practice, and the lifestyle support they provide is improving all the time.

When most people think of a hearing aid, they think about the big, bulky, static-filled hearing aids of the past. Today’s hearing aids are not your grandmother’s hearing aid. In fact, today’s hearing aids are sophisticated high-tech wonders; some use Bluetooth technology to connect with personal devices like smartphones, tablets and even smart televisions.

Most tech products on the market today incorporate Bluetooth hearing aid capabilities, including phones, tablets, computers, and televisions.

As a standard protocol in the electronics industry, Bluetooth works uniformly across all these devices. It has been used for many years in mobile phones, and Bluetooth is now being incorporated into many new devices.

A New Experience for Bluetooth Hearing Aid Users

Wireless technology is definitely cutting edge. Connection using Bluetooth is not only secure, but it has no interference.  This technology has revolutionised the hearing aid experience for many people.

Wireless hearing aids provide a communication link to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Some hearing aid manufacturers have created specific hearing aids to communicate with Apple’s iOS operating system that runs on iPhones and iPads while others provide connection to Android devices. Think about whether this wireless connectivity is something that you need and discuss it with your audiologist.

How Do Bluetooth Enabled Devices Connect with Hearing Aids?

The hearing aid will basically pick up the signal from your phone and deliver it straight to your ears. No need to hold the phone against the ear. Some hearing aids need an extra streaming device while others connect directly to the phone with no need for any other interface.-.Your hearing aids become a pair of wireless earbuds to listen to music, have a phone conversation or hear the television. These devices create a very personalised hearing experience.

If you have a streamer, multiple devices can be paired with it, meaning you can connect to your mobile phone and watch a move on your tablet. The streamer will pause the audio signal from your movie to accept an incoming call, for example.

Many streamers also allow you to remote control the volume, a feature particularly useful for small hearing aids that don’t have an inbuilt control.

If you need help with your hearing, and wireless connectivity is a feature you think you’d like, come in and see us. A Bluetooth hearing aid may be a good fit for your lifestyle.


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