Scientific Publications:

Improving Sound Localization After Cochlear Management of Single-Sided Deafness (2014)

Tonic tensor tympani syndrome in tinnitus and hyperacusis patients: A multi‑clinic prevalence study (2013)

Behcet’s Disease presenting as a peripheral vestibulopathy (2013)

Tinnitus pitch, masking, and the effectiveness of hearing aids in tinnitus therapy (2012)

Tonic Tensor Tympani Syndrome (TTTS) in Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Patients: A Multi-Clinic Incidence Study (2011)

Bilateral Cochlear Implants in Long-Term and Short-Term Deafness (2010)

Hearing fluctuation is not a predictor of vertigo attacks in Meniere’s syndrome (2010)

Signs of Binaural Processing with Bilateral Cochlear Implants in the case of someone with more than 50 years of unilateral deafness (2010)

Short-term hearing fluctuation in Meniere’s disease (2009)

Tinnitus perception and the effects of a self-programmable hearing aid on hearing fluctuation due to Meniere’s disease (2010)

Are cortical auditory evoked potentials useful in the clinical assessment of adults with cochlear implants? (2009)

Changes in Audiometric thresholds before, during and after attacks of vertigo associated with Meniere’s Syndrome (2009)

Hearing Aids for Meniere’s Syndrome: Implications of Hearing Fluctuation (2008)

Cortical auditory evoked responses from an implanted ear after 50 years of profound unilateral deafness (2007)

A Hearing Aid System for Fluctuating Hearing Loss Due to Meniere’s Disease: A Case Study (2005)

Conventional behind-the-ear hearing aids after subtotal petrosectomy with blind sac surgery (2004)

Towards new criteria for hearing aids recommendation (2002)

Deafness in adults: the role of the cochlear implant (1998)

Drill-induced hearing loss in the non-operated ear (1997)

Testing for Perilymphatic Fistula based on Hennebert’s Sign and Tullio Phenomenon (1994)

Distortion product otoacoustic Emissions: twelve months experience in a diagnostic clinic (1993)

The Validity of the Acoustic Reflex Decay Test in the Diagnosis of Acoustic Neuroma (1992)


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