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We are a private independent clinic bringing together the expertise of experienced audiologists and ear specialists to provide customised strategies for the prevention, assessment and rehabilitation of all hearing and balance disorders of children, adults and the elderly.

  • Preserving and improving your natural hearing and balance function.
  • Improving the function of your existing hearing aid, BAHA and cochlear implants.
  • Giving unbiased advice – do you really need a new hearing instrument?
  • Sharing with you the latest research in the treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus and Meniere’s disease.
  • Providing effective assessment and management of hearing, balance and auditory processing in children, adults and the elderly
  • Ensuring that each patient who receives our services are satisfied that their needs have been met.


Do you hear noises in your ears and head? Do the noises disturb your sleep?
We can offer a range of solutions including assessments, hearing aids, listening devices and ongoing support.


Meniere’s disease

Do you have a sensation of blockage in your ear? Do you experience episodes of vertigo ?
We have various treatment strategies to minimise the disease’s long-term impact on your life.


Auditory Processing Disorder

Do you feel that you can hear but do not understand? Do you find it difficult to follow verbal instructions? Healthy Hearing can help if you or your child is suspected of having auditory processing difficulties.

Hearing Aids

At Healthy Hearing & Balance Care we provide hearing aids as part of the hearing rehabilitation of patients who are interested in fully engaging in the process with our audiologists. Learn more

Cochlear implants

Cochlear implants electrically stimulate the hearing nerve directly via electrodes implanted in the cochlea and connected to an external sound processor via a magnet placed under the skin behind the ear. Learn more

Musician Hearing Health

Healthy Hearing & Balance Care offers a variety of services for musicians and/or professionals exposed to high levels of sound including customized ear plugs and in-ear monitors. Learn more

Some Musicians that we've helped

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If you are not satisfied with your hearing status or have been told that nothing else can be done for your problem, make sure you pay us a visit. Our team loves the challenge!
No problem is ever too difficult if you are prepared to work with us towards
achieving your hearing and balance goals!

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